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Q1: How do I open FXApps from my ActTrader?

A1: To open FXApps, just click the Strategies button under the Home, ActFX or FXApps tab of FXVoyager toolbar.

FXApps window will open directly in ActTrader.


Q2: How do I Register for FXApps?

A2: In order to register for FXApps, click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the window, and then click the Registration link in the opened dialog.

Registration form will open as shown below:

After registration you can view and edit your personal information on the Profile page. Only Username cannot be changed after registration. If you want to change your password, you will need to enter your old password in the corresponding field.

The registered users can download free strategies and purchase the paid ones directly from ActTrader.


Q3: How do I sign in to FXApps?

A3: User must have registered before signing in, click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the FXApps window and log in to FXApps by entering their credentials into this dialog.


Q4: What means of payment are accepted by FXApps?

A4: FXApps applications can be purchased by means of PayPal system (no PayPal account is required) or Google Checkout.


Q5: How can I Purchase an application from FXApps?

A5: Please follow the steps below:

  1. Select a strategy and click the Buy button on the FXApps main page, on the strategy details page or on the Compare Apps page.
  2. The Final Checkout Review page will open with the strategy version and price. Select the payment system by clicking the corresponding radio button, and then click Submit Order button
  3. Web-page of the selected payment system will open where you can login with the existing account or create a new account, and complete the payment.
  4. After payment is made the strategy will appear in the Purchased Apps list, from which it can be downloaded at any time.

After downloading a strategy, you do not need to compile it – the strategy will be automatically added to the Strategies list, and can be used right away.
Note: If you log in with your ActTrader and FXApps credentials from another computer, you will have to download the strategies again in order to use them.


Q6: How can I download a free or previously purchased application?

A6: Please follow the steps below:

  1. Select a strategy and download it. This can be done from the FXApps main page, from the strategy details page, from the Compare Apps page and from the List of Purchased Apps.
  2. Downloading progress screen will open:
  3. The strategy will be automatically downloaded to the ActTrader folder. You will receive a notification message:
  4. Click OK in the message to open the Strategy List. Now you can Test, Run or Edit the downloaded strategy.


Q7: Where can I view the latest FXApps news?

A7: The latest updates in FXApps are reflected in the News section:



Q8: How can I compare strategies with one another?

A8: You can compare any strategies available in FXApps. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the desired strategies by clicking the Add To Compare link:
  2. Place the check marks for the strategies you want to compare. You can check up to 3 items at a time:
  3. Click the Compare button. Compare Apps screen will open:
  4. To remove a strategy from the Compare list, click the cross button. You can remove all strategies from the list by clicking the Clear All button


Q9: How can I send a message to the FXApps support team?

A9: You can send us your questions and proposals through the Contact Us page


Q10: How can I view messages sent to me by FXApps?

A10: You can view your messages from the FXApps support team from the Messages page



Q11: How can I see (use) the source of a strategy?

A11: All current strategies are non-editable (compiled) strategies. All open sources strategies will be marked with corresponding icon in FXApps.


Q12: How can I submit my own applications to FXApps?

A12: To submit an application to FXApps please contact the FXApps administrator using Supplier CRM application


Q13: I cannot login to FXApps.

A13: Please check your layout. Note: that your FXApps credentials can differ from your ActTrader’s credentials. If you forget your password you can see the password hint or get the password by e-mail using corresponding icons in the sign-in form, after clicking on “Can’t access your account?” link.


Q14: Can I open FXApps through a browser?

A14: FXApps is only available from the ActTrader platform.


Q15: How can I open FXApps on mobile platforms?

A15: FXApps is only available from the ActTrader platform.


Q16: How can I use my already purchased strategy on two different brokers at the same time?

A16: Any purchased FXApps strategy can only be used on one trading system at a time. To change the trading system for ALL strategies please contact FXApps administrator using the Contact Us page in FXApps.