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Adding auto features to an already fully functional platform, enterpriseFX® offers greater market efficiencies with precision control. Your firm can easily modify an extensive list of business rules that align with your objectives, resulting in greater profit opportunities. enterpriseFX® adds sophisticated risk management features to the enterpriseFX® platform providing companies with complete control over the trading environment including front, middle and back office functionality, extensive dealing desk and risk management functions, as well as a comprehensive and intuitive end-user trading experience.

Dramatically expand your profit horizons

Modules included in enterpriseFX®:

ActTrader™ is the end-user module of the system, allowing your clients to place and monitor orders based on real-time, streaming prices, including integrated charting tools and analytics (ActCharts).
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ActDealer provides comprehensive dealing desk functionality for managing pricing, overall or instrument specific exposure, and overseeing traders' positions.
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ActAdmin is the back-office module of the system. Back-office administrators set up new clients, adjust system rules and settings, control revenue streams parameters, monitor and generate reports, and much more.
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ActCharts are comprised of vital real-time charts and analytics fully integrated into the platform. The trader can also place trades from charts.
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enterpriseFX® allows your company to:

  • All ACTForex has to offer in one system for maximum control and profitability
  • Generate revenue from transactions, dealing, and clearing
  • Configure the platform for your firm's specific business model with over 150 system rules
  • Exercise full control of pips, spreads, commissions, and other revenue streams
  • Brand your company's platform for IBs and traders
  • Incorporate institutional traders into the clientele mix through the money manger functionality

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